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Women Warrior's Presents: Emerging from Darkness. An experiential workshop

Updated: May 17, 2022

Dear Sister,

Yes, you.

The one reading this.

There is a priestess within you that’s ready to step up and take her place in her radiance.

She’s just waiting for you to give her the go ahead.

Join us for conversation, kundalini, acupuncture, and a fire ritual as we set the stage to recalibrate our course. Step into your power in an enchanted oak grove surrounded by supportive and fierce women.

Give yourself permission to try something new. You deserve it. And. We deserve to have you there.


Because we NEED each other.

Winter is a necessary season. It invites us to move within, prune away what’s no longer useful and practice relying on ourselves. It can show us how strong we really are. It teaches us how to navigate being cold, dark, lonely and difficult.

It can also send us spiraling into a vortex of confusion, fear and pain. Winter can leave us— to put it bluntly –feeling like sh*t. Beat up, numb, shell shocked.

And, this winter’s been hhheeaaaaavvvy.

Well. Sisters.

Lucky for us, it’s almost SPRING!

Time to hold space to watch the seeds of intention and prayer that we labored through all winter sprout up.

This workshop is designed to transcend that sh#t into fertilizer! You will be guided to tap into your own sacred wisdom — to cultivate a deeper sense of dignity, light, and wonder.

Cost: $40

*3 scholarships available, contact for details.

Friday, May 4th 6:00-9:00pm

Where: Private residence on Shady Oak Rd in Minnetonka. Address given at registration.

What to bring:

  • yoga mat or blanket

  • journal

  • item for your alter (you’ll get it charged up and bring it back home)

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