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COVID-19 Updates

We know these past few years have been full of so much change. 

At Lakeshore it is up to our individual clinicians if masks are encouraged during sessions.  Reach out to your clinician directly if you have questions about their policy.  

Dear Lakeshore Clients & Families,

Our number one priority is the health and safety of our clients and our therapists.  With the current health concerns for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are continuing to take necessary precautions during this time. 

When you enter your therapist's office you will see signs letting you know if a mask is recommended during the session or not. 

Lakeshore Family Therapy offers Telemedicine online therapy sessions as appropriate. Please speak with your individual therapist if this is a good option for you at this time.  

We appreciate and value each one of you as a client and sincerely appreciate your cooperation as we continue to provide the best mental health care we can in the safest and most effective way. 


Your Lakeshore Team

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