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Parent Consultations

You may be looking for support while you or your child are on a waitlist to start therapy or you may have questions about the next steps to take with your child’s baffling behaviors.

Parent Consultations are provided by MJ Pearson with the goal of supporting you on your parenting journey! 


Email MJ to get started!

What to Expect

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Parent consultations are a separate service from therapy for you and your child.

Parent consultation can be:

  1. a confidential time to bounce ideas off of our therapist, skilled in working with young children (ages 12 and under) and their parents. 

  2. a private place to explore your triggers and what gets you stuck as a parent.

  3. a non judgemental space to ask questions about what supports might be helpful for your child’s behavioral, social-emotional or mental health challenges they experience. 

  4. an invitation to practice a different way of responding to your child’s behaviors.


Parent consultation will not:

  1. give you or your child a diagnosis.

  2. be submitted to your insurance

The total cost is $120.00 per 45 minute telehealth session. Your card will be charged on the evening of your parent consultation, card on file required.

MJ Pearson

MJ has extensive experience working with young children (12 and under) and their caregivers in day treatment, school linked mental health services and private practice. MJ is a Circle of Security parenting group facilitator and brings her knowledge of parent child attachment, relational neuroscience, and the art of repair into her work with families.

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